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Why choose Versatile?

Versatile is a proud contributor to Make in India project. Our E-Scooters have been carefully designed to be energy-efficient, affordable and comfortable to the rider.

  • Best-in-class technology
  • Standard build quality
  • Eco-friendly with zero-emissions



Create memorable moments with Versatile Ve-90 LI. Simply ride, ride and ride some more on the Versatile. With one full charge, the opportunity for up to 90 km of unforgettable riding awaits.


in 4-6Hrs

in single charge

Explore all the uncompromised features that make your ride comfortable, smooth and functional

LED Projector Headlamp Battery Level Indicator Basket Water Resistant Motor All Metal Body Dual Disc Brakes Comfortable Seat Water Resistant Motor


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What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

Great for travelling on rural roads. It is a good and comfortable bike for the daily commute from my farm to the market. It is fully automatic and the brakes are very good. It has a noise-free riding and the battery charges very quickly.

- Krishna Rao

It was an awesomely low price buy. I am using it to go to my college and had no troubles with riding at all. Servicing & maintenance were super. Moreover, we have a responsibility to save our environment & saving money is a bonus. 

- Suresh

It’s an amazing electric scooter. I used it for daily rough use. My daily use is approx 70 km and I’m happy with it so far. No maintenance charge till now. And I don’t think it will need any maintenance if you take care of it properly. 

- Krishna Mohan

Make in India –   We are proud to be a part of Make in India. With an uncompromised drive to produce quality mobility solutions, we manufacture the best vehicles of this range for the world.

ICAT –  After being successfully cleared in tests like powertrain, Noise Vibration and Harshness, Component, Fatigue, Photometry, Tyre & Wheel, Passive Safety, EMC, and CAD & CAE we are ICAT approved. You can ride it without registration and license.