Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are to be considered as an integral part of the booking agreement.Your use of the website or services provided by the website shall be considered as the acceptance and agreement to these terms and conditions.

1) User Responsibility:

1.1) You must not purchase or use the vehicle if you legally cannot. You must not purchase the vehicle on behalf of another who legally should not use the vehicle.

1.2) You should understand that you are responsible for the damage to the vehicle and charging points if it is caused by your actions. You should be qualified to operate and charge the vehicle. You should assume all risks if you allow someone else to do the same. If you are not familiar with the nature of riding or operating an electric vehicle, seek professional training before operating.

1.3) In the event you want to transfer the ownership of your vehicle, you must inform Versatile about the same as it enables us to delete your user profile and register the same on the other’s details. If you transfer the ownership without informing us, you indemnify us against any claims made by the user against us in relation to the usage of information in accordance with these terms. 

1.4) You shall not have more than one active account on the Website. Additionally, you are prohibited from selling or trading your account to another party.

1.5) You shall ensure that the Account Information provided by you in the Website’s registration form is complete, accurate, and up-to-date. Use of another user’s Account Information for availing the Services is expressly prohibited.

1.6) If You provide any information that is false, inaccurate, not current or incomplete (or eventually becomes false, inaccurate, not current or incomplete), Versatile has reasonable grounds to suspect that such information is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, Versatile has the right to suspend or terminate Your Account and refuse any and all current or future use of the Website (or any portion thereof) and further reserves it right to proceed against you as per law in case of any illegal or malicious act in whatsoever manner.

1.7) You agree that Versatile may, at any time, modify or discontinue all or part of the Website, charge, modify or waive fees required to use the Website, or offer opportunities to some or all Website Users.

2) Registration of the vehicle

2.1) You have to register your vehicle with Versatile, with your details and information to avail of further services from Versatile.

2.2) The grant or denial of this registration will be at the sole discretion of the authority at Versatile.

2.3) This is different from the Formal Registration process as Versatile scooters do not need the Formal Registration.

3) Financing Options:

 If you wish to avail of financing options for the purchase from the dealer, kindly intimate the same to the dealer. If you are purchasing online and availing financing options from third-party, Versatile will not be responsible for any issue raised because of that, as it’s a private agreement made between you and the financing entity.

4) Payment:

4.1) Versatile shall notify you and the dealer (if the purchase is through a dealer and not online) about the timeline of payments. If the purchase is done online, you can make the payment directly or avail third-party financing options. Either way, you shall abide by the timeline that you agreed to pay the due amount. 

4.2) Failure to abide by the timeline or clearing the due amount will result in a delay in the delivery of the vehicle or cancellation of the booking. 

5) Delivery:

5.1) If you book the vehicle online, Versatile will arrange for the transit and take responsibility for the condition of the vehicle only till it is delivered to you. Any damage that occurred after the delivery will not be considered as a responsibility of Versatile. 

5.2) If you get the vehicle through a dealer, Versatile will not take responsibility for any damages or altered conditions during the delivery. 

6) Refund and cancellation:

6.1) Cancellation is not allowed once the order is placed and payment is done. If there are any exceptional reasons, you will have to contact us immediately after placing the order. Once the shipment is started, cancellation is not allowed.

6.2) If the vehicle delivered to you is in damaged condition or there are any manufacturing defects, you would get a refund. We advise you to record a video or Take photos immediately when your package is delivered to you, which will assure us the damaged being caused during Delivery. Without sufficient proof of the damaged product being delivered, we won’t be able to accept it.

7) Warranty:

7.1) Versatile vehicles come with a standard manufacturer’s warranty. Kindly refer to it along with the owner’s manual. 

7.2) After the expiry of the warranty period, all services provided by Versatile shall be chargeable. 

8) Charging points and installation:

8.1) Charging points will be installed by Versatile or the dealer and the cable will be provided by Versatile.

8.2) You are allowed to use only the given cable in accordance with the instructions provided in the user’s manual. In the event of any challenges, you are requested to contact the customer care service of Versatile.

8.3) Versatile is not liable for any kind of damage to the vehicle arising due to misuse of charging. 

8.4) Versatile is not liable for any kind of damage to the vehicle due to any voltage fluctuations or defects in the electricity supply or the infrastructure.

9) Use of Vehicle:

9.1) You shall not modify or alter any part/item/feature of the vehicle without informing the dealer or Versatile.

9.2) You shall not use any services or mods from a third-party that can impact or alter the vehicle’s performance in any way.

9.3) You shall read the owner’s manual in detail and use the vehicle accordingly.

Violation of any of the above-mentioned points will indemnify the claims against Versatile regarding any issues of the vehicle.