Versatile VE series comes with an extensive research and advanced technology to give you the best riding experience. All the models are engineered with energy-efficient technology and smart battery to ensure reliability, affordability, and sustainability!

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Powered To Perform

Versatile Electric Scooters are innovative, easy-to-handle, and environment-friendly mobility options that will be with you in every journey, adventure, and exploration. All the models are crafted with the control and convenience that never lets you down.

Top Speed


Maximum Payload

Specifications & Features

Range: upto 55 Kms

Top Speed: 25Km/h

Charging Time: 4-6hrs

Alloy Wheels

Zero Maintenance

Dual Disc Breaks

All Metal body

ve series

Dual Spring Shock Absorber

Battery Level Indicator

Powerful 250-watt motor

Water Resistant Motor

Electricity Consumed: 0.5 | 1 Units

115 mm Ground Clearance

LED Projector Headlamp

Maximum payload of 120 Kgs

*All the numbers shown here are derived under standard testing conditions. The actual values are subject to change according to the model of the bike, its running condition, roads, and other variables.


Here Are Some Common Questions About Our E-Scooters.

What is the top speed?

Top speed of Versatile E-Scooters is 25 KMPH.

How do I charge?

It’s simple. Plug in to any domestic charging ports.

How much time does it take to charge completely?

All variants of Versatile E-scooters take 4-6 hrs of time to charge completely.

How many kilometers will Ve-Series go per charge?

Battery Capacity of

  • 10.4 AH goes 30-40 kms
  • 15.6 AH goes 45-55 kms

How many kilometers will S-Series go per charge?

Battery Capacity of

  • 5.4 AH goes 10-15 kms

How much load can it take?

It can take up to a maximum load of 120 kgs. 

How do I purchase Versatile E-Scooters?

Login to our website and get them delivered to your home across India. Else, you can buy at our exclusive dealers point directly. 

What are the licensing requirements?

As per CMVR rules,  if the Electric Scooter (e-scooter) has an electric motor of power up to 250W and speed not exceeding 25 KM/Hour – there is no need for a license.  

Will Versatile E-Scooter provide post purchase support to the customer after the sale? If yes, what kind of support?

Yes, we provide post-purchase support to our customers in service aspects.

Is registration required for Versatile E-Scooters?

Not required. According to the new CMVR rules, battery-operated vehicles are exempted from the assignment of the new registration mark.

Do dealers have spare parts?

Yes, all dealers maintain an adequate number of spare parts.

What are the warranty specifications? And what do they cover?

Our Versatile E-scooter comes with a warranty period of one year. And it covers only the defects resulting from defective parts, materials, or manufacturing. The battery comes with a warranty period of 12 months for VE Series 10.4 AH and 18 months for VE Series 15.6 AH from the date of purchase. Components to be repaired or replaced by authorized persons only. 

How do I get a dealership with Versatile E-Scooter to sell their scooters?

You can fill in the form available on the website and we will get back to you in a short time.